Whats Your Life Song? (modern songs!!)

This is a quiz about your life song! I lovee all the songs i choose i hope you do to! I choose them to match your life and what kinda music you will like with that peronality!

Please rate and comment (no harsh ones please!!) For my best friend and "ferrets" HOPE YA LIKE MY QUIZ! P.S. A TACO PASS IS A PASS SO YA DONT HAVE TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION!

Created by: bravogrl98

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  1. whats ur fav color?
  2. do you have good family?
  3. how often do you cry?
  4. do u have good friends?
  5. how old are you?
  6. do u have a bf/gf?
  7. who is ur fav singer?
  8. what do you do on friday night?
  9. r u nice?

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Quiz topic: Whats my Life Song? (modern songs!!)