Which Simple Plan song are you?

There's this band, called Simple Plan. They're my favourite band. So, dedicated to them I decided to do this quiz, and so you can find out which song by Simple Plan you are. No, the quiz doesn't mean you are literally the song.

Which of Simple Plan's songs are YOU most like? Ever wondered but not been able to figure it out? Now you can find out, since my quiz analyses different parts of your life to see which of Simple Plan's songs you are actually most like.

Created by: wuu2 babe

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  1. Do you have a partner? If so is he or she abusive.
  2. Do you have a friend or partner who has problems and you wish you could save them from their problems, but you don't know how?
  3. Is there somebody in your life who you just end up disliking without particularly wanting to?
  4. Is there somebody who's no longer in your life but you're obsessed about them?
  5. Is there somebody you know who you bitterly hate, and they feel the same about you? If so, do you hate the way you feel when you're near them?
  6. Do you have a former high school partner who you wish you could get back together with?
  7. Do your parent/s boss you round and tell you what to do to the point where you're wishing to be old enough to get to move out?
  8. Do you cry a lot, live in fear and always get told lies to?
  9. Is there any person you truly care about?
  10. When you hate people, is it on purpose or by accident?
  11. Is there somebody you miss?
  12. Is there anybody you know who you wish you'd never have to see again in your life?
  13. Okay, so lets turn the previous question around. Is there anybody you wish you could see again / you'd do anything to see again?
  14. Does your mum and/or dad ever act like a control freak around you and try and control every aspect of your little miserable emo life?

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Quiz topic: Which Simple Plan song am I?