How well do you know Simple Plan?

Simple Plan are a really good Canadian rock band, they're one of my favourite bands and my favourite rock band, and popular with lots of teens in the UK, Canada and America.

Do YOU know a lot about Simple Plan? Will you answer the quiz fairly, without google searching the answers. Have you ever wondered how much you know about Simple Plan? If so, this quiz can tell you!

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  1. When were Simple Plan formed?
  2. Which of the following record labels isn't one of Simple Plan's?
  3. Which of these songs is by Simple Plan?
  4. Which is Simple Plan's first album?
  5. What did Patrick Langlois, a friend of Simple Plan, do in their song 'Welcome To My Life'?
  6. What was the highest place in the UK charts that 'Addicated' got to?
  7. Which was Simple Plan's first single?
  8. Which did Simple Plan release first, debut single or debut album?
  9. How long before the other one was the one you chose released?
  10. How many of Simple Plan are there?
  11. Are the members of Simple Plan now the original line-up?
  12. Which of the following genres of music does Simple Plan not do?
  13. Who's the lead singer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Simple Plan?