What Song Describes Your Life

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If Your Confused About What Your Life Is All About Then Take This Quiz. Find Out Today What Your Life Really Means To People Including Yourself *Note* Once You Get Your Results Check To See If You Know The Song Or Not. If You Have Never Heard Of The Song Then Just Listen To It On Youtube

Please Take Your Time When Completing This Quiz. You Might End Up Making A Mistake And You Could End Up With False Results So Make Sure You Have Read Each Question Carefully And That You Were Able To Understand What The Question Is Asking.....But I Dont Think You'll Have A Hard Time Taking This Quiz Because Its Pretty Easy! Have Fun! :D

Created by: Shyeed J. Scott
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do Your Friends Think Of You As
  2. Are You Emotional (Your Feelings Get Hurt Very Easily Or You Tend To Get Pissed Of Very Easily)
  3. Are You A Victim Of Bullying/Cyber Bullying?
  4. Are You A Bully?
  5. How Is This Quiz Going So Far? Do You Like It?
  6. *THIS QUESTION IS VERY IMPORTANT AND IT WILL EFFECT YOUR RESULTS SO ANSWER HONESTLY!!!* Out Of Every Single Kid In Your School Do You AtLeast Have 1 Friend You Can Always Count On To Stand By Your Side?
  7. Have You Ever Had Thoughts Of Suicide?
  8. Are You Dating Someone?
  9. How Often To You Use Profanity? (How Often Do You Curse?)

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