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  • MHA RP
    ""I do not have anywhere to stay at the moment..." Marlowe replies."
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    ""Where are you off to in such a hurry?" A figure, leaning against the wall of the alleyway, staring at the lady with cold, calculating eyes...."
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    "You can start, or I could, either way I'm fine with it."
  • ``OPEN THE SKY``
    "What happened m8?"
  • Ask My OC Anything
    ""I am a witch of sorts as well..." A cloaked character appears in the dark corners of the room."
  • We Are The Ants
    "My brain: Is this some sort of Hollow Knight reference or something-"
  • "Nah, I was doing some research for characters. Also binge watching shows because yes."
  • MHA RP
    "-ABOUT TWO HOURS LATER- "All has been repaired...I must warn you, I will become loopy once the sedatives kick in.""
  • hazbin hotel
    "I'll join! Starter prompt please and bio?"
  • rp
    "(Hello, may I join please?? 0v0 )"
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    "Name: Sylvester 'Silver' Aurelia Age: 20-30 age range. Gender/pronouns: Cis male. He/him. Appearance: Icy blonde side swep"
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    "The Mafia's secret. I will be the role of the Mafia."
  • MHA RP
    "The nurse wheels Marlowe off to the operating room, advising Masako to wait outside of the door, since they're not family."
  • MHA RP
    ""Stay. Please." Marlowe's eyes were wide and desperate, as their voice cracks in fear."
  • Roleplay Commentary
    "A book sounds great! And the big evil would be a traitorous hogwarts student."

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