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  • Back from the dead
    "I KNOW. I'M SORRY. School has been swamping me."
  • Back from the dead
    "Same here, tbh. Other than working, and getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow, that is. XD"
  • Back from the dead
    "S'up Dean-"
  • Quest from the Gods.
  • Back from the dead
    "For real this time. I had state testing and my teachers are swamping me with work they weren't able to have us finish during the year. :')"
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    "Sylvester approaches Allison, "Sorry, did I keep you waiting long...?""
  • "True, true... that makes sense. Don't worry, they'll learn the ways to us veteran roleplayers. >:) /hj"
  • Quest from the Gods.
    "(In this, you will have two characters, or more depending on your preference.) Two teams of five, two hosts, one goal. Th"
  • "Sorry mates, I'm on and off lots due to school ('cause education is important, kids-)."
  • "Mate, no offense, but that starter prompt is kind of something taken straight out of a cringe 10-year-old's Gacha Life story plot. :/"
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    "Sylvester excuses himself, walking off to a secluded section of the library. "What do you want? I'm busy." Sylvester speaks in a hushe"
  • 1x1 Roleplay
    ""Ah, sounds interesting-" Sylvester gets cut off by the vibration coming from his pocket, as he pulls out his phone. "Hold that thought, I n..."
  • mha (heros)
    "Marlowe simply vibes with the rest of the Bakusquad while waiting for Mina to finish signing the adoption papers."
  • forbidden love
    "Sylvester jolts, surprised by Tia's formerly raised voice, as he quirks an eyebrow at her, "Yes? Do you need something?""
  • common grounds
    "The twins, Koa Alohi and Kai Alohi, sit together in silence, not knowing how to answer that question."

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