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  • "i love all three. but i gotta go with Lady GaGa. She's wicked. :]"
  • Songs to have sex to,
    "how old r u?"
  • ICP vs. Trivium
    "y wtf?"
  • Songs to have sex to,
    "y not?"
  • "bi. :3 but i lean waaaayyy much more towards guys."
  • Songs to have sex to,
    "oops. i mean Bullet for my Valentine. Sorry i wasnt paying attention."
  • Songs to have sex to,
    "me and my boyfriend were talking about songs that we would have sex too. he says "And Then She Bled" by: Suicide Silence. I say "Fever" by..."
  • Adam Lambert vs Lady Gaga
    "Lady GaGa."
  • ICP vs. Trivium
    "its okayy. lol. ppl have different tastes in music."
  • Kanye West
    "Kanye West? one good song. Love Lockdown. But after what he did to Taylor Swift, i lost all respect for him and his mus"
  • Who here likes Otep??
    "Otep is my favorite band. but i only know two ppl that like them and three ppl that know who the f--- they are."
  • Lyrics, Lyrics, Lyrics!
    "With the perfect hair And the perfect wife And the perfect kids And the perfect life I will finally be somebody"
  • try my quiz
    "no. ur mean. i read that comment u left on that one person's quiz. jerk."
  • "ooohh... i can rule out Unearth... but All That Remains vs. As I Lay Dying?? thats cruel... mmm...gotta go with "
  • ICP vs. Trivium
    "Okayy. I strongly dislike both bands but these are two bands my bf just cant decide which he likes better. so...you guys decide. whic"

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