Are Attractive Are You.... Inside & Out?

There are many Attractive people in the world.... But not too many have amazing looks along with a personality that shines almost as bright as your flowing hair

Are YOU beautiful..... Inside & Out... Do you have the whole package? Beauty and a heart of gold? Until now you could only wonder... But now you'll know for sure

Created by: Taylor
  1. You see a stray dog walking along side of the road, YOU......
  2. When you wake up in the mourning.... What do you do with your hair?
  3. You get this amazing oppourtunity to go to Haiti and rebuild, YOU.....
  4. Would you rather volunteer at a animal shelter or hang with your friends at the mall?
  5. Rate your outter appearence... honestly?
  6. You would describe your makeup as.....
  7. Do you volunteer on a regular basis?
  8. Describe your favorite outfit?
  9. Are you confident with your looks?
  10. Are you in a relationship?

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Quiz topic: Are Attractive am I.... Inside & Out?