How Well Do You Know Paramore?

Paramore has taken the punk world by storm! She's here, she's loud, and she's in your face! She's never going away and the least we, as music-listeners can do is learn all we can about the wonderous skinny-jean sporting beauty. :)

How well do YOU know Paramore? Can you pass this ultimate test of the pure love and knowledge of America's most beloved punk pop band? Guess we'll see soon. Good luck!

Created by: kannibalistikk
  1. Where are the members of Paramore from?
  2. What was Paramore's first album?
  3. What is the lead singer of Paramore's name?
  4. What is the name of Paramore's drummer?
  5. What is Hayley Williams's nickname?
  6. What is Hayley Williams's NATURAL hair color?
  7. Who is the bassist for Paramore?
  8. What Paramore song was in Guitar Hero Legends of Rock?
  9. What is on the cover of the Paramore album Brand New Eyes?
  10. What color was Hayley Williams's hair when she released her first album?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Paramore?