So you think you know Paramore?

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There are many people who call themselfs hardcore Paramore fans but only few truly are! If you can get a good score in this you can proudly walk into school, work ect. and announce you are one of US!

Are YOU a true Paramore fan? Do you have what it takes? Until now you could only wounder but take this quiz to truly find out and the best part; it only takes a few minutes! Good luck!

Created by: Abbey
  1. Ok let's start with an easy one, Who is the lead singer of Paramore
  2. When did Paramore start?
  3. Finish the lyrics "Ignorance is your new..."
  4. Who plays drums in Paramore?
  5. What is their new album released in 2009 called?
  6. Finish the lyrics "Well go get your shovel"
  7. Dang it I forgot the most important question; What are Paramore?
  8. Who did Hayley date in the band?
  9. Finish the lyrics "I got a lot to say to you...."
  10. Name three Paramore songs
  11. finish the lyrics "I'm going away for a while"
  12. Ok last question, do Paramore rule?

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