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  • "He's so freakin' awesome ."
  • What if....
    "haha wut a weirdddd conversation! i wud prolly ..idk"
  • Who on here......
    "Carri said it right! and alot of guys like me so that wud happen..."
  • "skipping school is fun :) i have a snow day 2day"
  • "my skool makes me take a class on it. it is gross but they make me learn EVERYTHING on that topic"
  • hey you guys...
    "my bf is 2 years older than me and he is totally kool with it. love is a free thing. who cares how old they are? or in hikaru katsu's case....."
  • :'((((( I'm a lezbian
    "LOL! awkward."
  • Random question
    "LOL! random. i wud probably tape it, and call my best friend and tell them. then kill the zombies."
  • "hmmmm....Oh!!! I HAVE THE HUGEST CRUSH ON BRUNO MARS! i absolutely LOVE him. he is the sexiest guy on Earth and i would kill to have him as ..."

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