I Can Guess Your Favorite Color.

There are many colors in the world. I bet I can guess your favorite. Think deep down to your favorite color and take this quiz to find out if I can discover your favorite color.

Are you a beast? Do you enjoy? Enjoy what? Take this quiz to find out what you enjoy. By the way, I'm going to tell you what your favorite color is. If it's not your favorite color, then it should be.

Created by: purple3298
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  1. Do you like weddings ot the reception better?
  2. Are you emo?
  3. Do you like looking at the sky on a clear, sunny day?
  4. Do you like studying the human body?
  5. Do you like looking at bright things?
  6. Do you like staring into a crackling fire?
  7. Do you like chicken eggs?
  8. Do you like going food shopping?
  9. Do you like nature?
  10. Do you like drawing hearts?
  11. Do you like woodworking?
  12. Do you enjoy putting M&M's in color-coated piles before you eat them?
  13. What is your favorite food group?
  14. Do you like purple grapes?
  15. Do you like summer or winter?
  16. Do you like skittles?
  17. If you had to die, would you rather burn or freeze?
  18. Do you like flowers?
  19. Do you like mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, or amphibians better?
  20. Last question.
  21. No actually last question. Do you decorate your house with trees?

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