The Trip to Nowhere (Part 1)

Sorry this part took so long to come out. Now I have finished it. I hope you like it! Also, tell me in the comments your favorite color. I want to know.

Sorry this part took so long to come out. Now I have finished it. I hope you like it! Also, tell me in the comments your favorite color. I want to know.

Created by: Jenniferdu

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  1. There was a little girl named Katie. She was very shy. When she grew up, she became a very brave a strong teen. She had a boyfriend named Owen. Owen would be sad if Katie died, but he would not cry every day. They thought that they were a perfect couple. One day, Owen and Katie went to "The Trip to Nowhere" contest (See The trip to nowhere trailer ). They were competing with two other couples. Jane with Daniel, and Doris with James. Announcer: And you will travel all around North America. Katie let out the breath she was holding. Phew, she thought. Not all around the world!
  2. Announcer: Doris and James, you will go to California. Doris: Oh, California! My birth place! Katie gasped. She never knew that Doris was born in California, even if she was one of the people in her school that she knew a lot about! Announcer: *chuckles* Oh, Doris. I always give you safe ones first. Everyones face brightened up. Owen: *hugs Katie* I knew that Doris was born in California. The announcer raised his hand up for silence. Announcer: Jane and Daniel, you will go to Prince Edward Island.
  3. Daniel: P.E.I., am I right? If not, Im gonna be freaked out cuz then it must be scary! Announcer: Don't worry, Daniel. PEI is Prince Edward Island. And finally, Katie and Owen. You will go to Edmonton! Katie and Owen: Yay! Owen and Katie had been in Edmonton before. It was very safe and fun. Announcer: "And now, the rules." The announcer points to a list of rules. Announcer: "Rule #1: You will each get a bag of 1,000 dollars. You must use the $'s wisely. Rule #2.."
  4. Announcer: " will get a red car. Don't travel too much. You money will be wasted. And finally, rule #3. You will each get a GPS. Ready..." Everyone stepped in the teleporter and got ready. Announcer: "Go!" Katie and Owen teleported fast. Then, they found themselves in Edmonton. At Edmonton, they found their shiny car. Owen: "Let's go eat. I'm hungry." Katie: "Me too!" They drove to Tim Hortons. Katie: "Mmm! I loooove Timmie's!" The announcer used some magic and made a car head towards Katie. Katie: "Whoa!" Owen: "Gotcha!" Owen pulls Katie. He hugged her. Owen: "You're safe now." Katie smiled.
  5. Doris and James went to a milkshake restaurant. Doris: "Well, I have two milkshakes." James: But... I also have two milkshakes!" Doris sighs. Doris: "One for you, one for me" James: But........l.....l bought strawberry one for you!" James shows Doris the strawberry milkshake. Doris sighs louder. Now we wasted some money, she thought unhappily. They gave the extra two milkshakes to homeless people. They were still upset, though. Would you like that to happen to yourself?
  6. Jane and Daniel was at a beautiful sea-viewing place. There, they swam and had some fun. But later, they saw a piranha (if you don't know what a piranha is search on the web)! They swam as fast as they can. Jane almost got caught! Jane: "DANIEL!! Help!" Daniel: "Grab on to my legs!" Jane reached out for Daniel's legs. They made it safely to the shore. Jane kissed Daniel. Jane: "I really hope we win, so you could stay with me." They then tried something more safe. They collected seashells.
  7. Announcer: "ALL CONTESTANTS MUST BE COMING BACK IN FIVE, FOUR..." Everyone got in their teleporters. Crowd and announcer: "THREE! TWO!! ONE!!!" The crowd went wild. Some people danced around crazily. Others just stayed in their seats, clapped and yelled as loud as they could. Every contestant had to cover their ears. Announcer: "Contestants, this time, I will not tell you where you are going. So, get in your teleporters. Also, you now have 100 dollars. This will go on until the end." The contestants rushed to their teleporters, and away they went, trembling with fear...
  8. That's the end of part one!
  9. Are you interested in it?
  10. Bye bye now!

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