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  • what is your future carrier
    [published: Jan 17, 2011]

    in the future you can be many things find out what you could be right now only twelve questions then……

  • Albert einsteins IQ test
    [published: Jan 07, 2011, 3 comments]

    There are many smart people in this world but there were only a few true geniuses. Albert Einstein was……

  • what type of warrior
    [published: Dec 24, 2010]

    there are many people who beleive they are warrior material but they dont know what they will be good in……

  • how geeky are you
    [published: Dec 23, 2010]

    are you a geek have you ever been called a geek well this quiz is were to find out it only takes 12 questions……

  • good zombie quiz
    [published: Dec 23, 2010, 2 comments]

    this quiz determins if you world survive a zombie apocolips not many people would survive could you be the……

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