Would I Date You?

there are a lot of girls who want to know if boys would date them and I'm one of them. so do a girl a favor take my quiz. I'd really appreciate it. thank you.

what i date you? do we share the same interests? are we both stubborn? (most likely) well, take my quiz and find out. we may both be happy. thank you man.

Created by: Jade Black

  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. what type of hair do you like more?
  3. what type of hair do you have?
  4. what animal do you think represents you?
  5. what animal really represents you?
  6. what hair do you prefer on a girl?
  7. what hair do you prefer on a girl?
  8. what type of movies do you prefer?
  9. what color of hair do you have?
  10. what would you give me for my birthday?
  11. where would you take me on a romantic date?
  12. what sports do you play?

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