Would I date you? (Boys only)

theres signal boys looking for girls. hey this quiz is just for boys good luck with it and btw My name is Amy I am not saying my age I'm from callifornia I'm sweet funny and shy :) just try your best on this quiz thanks

Would I date you. omg! I put the wrong topic thing.. sorry I mean would you date me boys only. sorry anyways good luck with the quiz if you get no then better luc enjoy

Created by: Animals1

  1. Are you in any sport?
  2. What color are your eyes?
  3. Where would you take a girl out for her birthday?
  4. What do you look into girls? (be honest)
  5. Will you cheat on a girl?(once again be honest please)
  6. Does age count for you if your dating a girl?
  7. Do you have the chance to date me? If your willing to know me please leave a comment
  8. Sorry I know this quiz is lame but it's 12 here so I'm kinda tired sorry!
  9. Will you comment
  10. Will ya rate?
  11. It's done. Now good night!

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