Who should I date ~ meet Kate

Description of Kate: Oh, I have brown hair down to my chest, blue eyes, and a small birth mark around my ear. I am born in America and I love to go on nature trails. Description of Owen: Owen loves fishing and has brown eyes. He has brown hair and likes to play sports. His favorite is soccer.

Description of Jake: Jake has a little bit of a British accent and likes wolves. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He greets you kindly. Description of Daniel: Daniel might seem rough, but when you get to know him, he is very sweet. He has red hair and hazel eyes. He likes art. Description of Jason: Nickname is Jace. Has silky black hair and loves Kate more than anyone else. Jason likes nicknames and treats Kate like a princess.

Created by: Jenniferdu

  1. I am Kate. I am 14 years old. I am starting high school today. Johnson High is the place I'm going. This is really scary. I hope there is someone that is friendly and nice. I am especially looking for a nice and kind guy who would like to date with me. I have never dated before, and I am looking forward to it. I am transferring soon. I hope I meet someone fun and loving! I bet some people would like me. I also think that I will have a crush on someone when I just step in the school gates!
  2. Now I'm at Johnson High. I think I have a secret admirer. His name is Daniel. He looks pretty cute, actually. I think....I like him. He looks shy, just like me. I love having people like me. I don't want to brag, but im pretty attractive. People like me pretty easily. I looked around the school, finding someone that looks familiar. "Hey, Katie!" someone called. I looked around, and there stood Kathrine, my best friend. I was very happy. "Kathy!" I called back. We ran into each others arms. It was like a miracle.
  3. Then the bell rang for class. I looked at a table. It had sheets. I took a glance at the sheets. It was a class schedule. I took one. On the top, it said "Kate". I new it was for me. My first class was math, room 147, Mrs. Harris. Mrs. Harris wore a golden necklace and 3 bracelets on each hand. When she was teaching, I noticed that she was strict. I didn't like it, so I thought of a lie that can help me escape from class. I raised up my hand and said, "Can I go to the washroom?"
  4. After math class, I saw Daniel in the hall. He seemed to be talking to me, but I don't know what. It was noisy in the hall. "Pardon me," I said. Finally, he shouted, "Kate, we're going in the same class." Okay, he did have a crush on me. I leaned over closer to him. I whispered in his ear, "You're cute." He looked at me, then said, "Room 239, chemistry, Mr. Parker." Mr. Parker...I think he was in my neighborhood. When I saw him, I noticed that he was.
  5. At chemistry, I saw someone as cute as Daniel. I could tell that he was Daniel's friend because he was sitting beside Daniel. "Hey, Jake," said Daniel. I think that cute boy's name was Jake. I wanted to kiss him right away. Then, I didn't want to let him notice that I was staring at him. I looked around. There was a shy girl in front of me. "Hello," she said. "I'm Rebekkah." Rebekkah had a quiet voice. I think she talked to me because as I said, I am pretty attractive. So I said back, "I'm Kate, but you can call me Katie."
  6. At lunchtime, Rebekkah and I sat together in the cafeteria. "So, are you new here?" asked Rebekkah. "Yup," I replied. We talked and talked. Then, I saw the cute boy. I couldn't stop staring at him. He caught me staring. He walked up to me. "What do you think you're doing?" he said. Even though he was angry at me, he hugged me. He smiled. "Hi, I'm Jake," he said to me. So his name was Jake. He was so cute. Then, Kathrine walked by. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Kathy was older than me. She was sixteen.
  7. Oopsies, I also forgot that Kathy had an ex-boyfriend called Jake. I think someone's gonna be mad at me. And Kathy had been my best friend since 2nd grade. We could almost read each others minds. Kathy knew what I was thinking. "Kate!" she shouted angrily. "Jake is my ex!" I was so surprised, I fell out of my chair. Jake caught me. Then Daniel walked by. He saw Jake with me and also got angry. "Jake, dude, Kate's my girl," he said coolly and he grabbed me on the arm. He took me somewhere. "Kate, Jake is no boy for you. You want to go with the pro boys," said Daniel. Pro boys? What did he mean?
  8. Then there was a nice, short boy passing by. I had to admit, he was also cute. Johnson High has many cute boys. "Hey, I'm Jason. Daniel is right, but he didn't say that he was a pro boy, and he isn't. I'm the real pro boy," he said. Jason seemed to be very nice. "Kate, choose who you want to go with. Jace, or me?" I chose Jason. It sounded like he was smart, fun and nice. And also very cute. He took me to the library. "This is my fave place to do work. Isn't it everyone's?" he asked me. I didn't answer. I just stared at him. He was so cute.
  9. "What?" said Jason. I looked away. But then, I saw Jake. Eek, I thought. This is weird, why is Jake here? Jake started walking towards me."Jaaaaake, no, this is MY Kate," said Jason. "Kate. You made friends with a nerd," said Jake. The argument went on. "No, I'm not a nerd!" I heard Jason say. Finally, I said to them, "I like you guys equally. But I can only date Jason, you or Daniel. Im not sure who, though." Then, I saw someone as cute as he looked familiar. "Owen?" I said. "Katie?" he said back. "Hi," he said to me. Should I date him? We had met since 5th grade. He went to another school in 7th and 8th grade, and I feared that I'll never see him again. But here he was, standing in front of me. Okay, I thought. Maybe... I should date him.
  10. Who should I date???

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