How Kate are you

Some say they broke the mould when little Kate Samosa was created, but others may be out there, waiting to meet up with a kindred soul. Or maybe you always hoped you might really be that cool chick with the artist husband & Bob Dylan tapes.

Are you really a Kate? Can you make a skirt from an old pair of jeans? Can your handgbag fit a pair of shoes? Are you a committed vegetarian? Take this quiz and know for sure.

Created by: Tully
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  1. Do you live with an artist and a canine secret agent?
  2. Do you wear more than one pair of shoes each day?
  3. Do people ever mistake you for a smurf?
  4. Have you ever poked Sylvester Stallone with a pen?
  5. How many times a week do you lose your keys/wallet/random shoes/licence/passport/boxing pass/credit card?
  6. Are you taller than an Oompa Loompa?
  7. Do you eat anything with a face?
  8. Do fake boobs keep appearing in your handbag/on your desk/in your shoes?
  9. Do you think threeways are cool?
  10. Do you wear nonna dresses and birkenstocks?
  11. Are you a foxy boxing machine?
  12. Have all your friends left Sydney?
  13. Do you spend a lot of time at The Gaslight?

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