Albert einsteins IQ test

There are many smart people in this world but there were only a few true geniuses. Albert Einstein was one of those few geniuses. His theory of relativity has been the basis of many mathematical solutions

How well will you measure up to being a genius? Are you a true genius? Until now you oculd only guess whether you were or not. This quiz will give you the answers that you seek. I hope you have as much fun taking it as i did making it

Created by: jerbear97

  1. what is 40x10
  2. what is 3229x100
  3. if there are 2909 seats in a theater and 1934 are filled how many seats are empty
  4. what is 2190x10
  5. what is 10x10-20+1234
  6. what is 19837-2738
  7. 1f 20 people go into a resteraunt 9 people leave then 12 more people come in how many people are there
  8. if a giraph is 20m tall and its legs are 5m tall if you take off all the legs how tall would the giraph be
  9. how mant degrees are in a circle
  10. last question how do you think yyou did

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