How high is your general IQ (Q2)

There are very few people with high IQ's. Those who knows a lot about general stuff and those who don't. This quiz is one of the most hardest quizzes you'll ever take.

Do you think you have what it takes to rise to the occation. Are you one with a high IQ? Are you another future Albert Einstein? Take this quiz and see where you IQ lies.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. Who commanded the U.S fleet that forced Japan to open itself to foreign trade in 1854?
  2. Where is the home of Odin,Thor and Sif?
  3. What is the second smallest U.S state?
  4. In what film did Alec Baldwin make his movie debut?
  5. What MTV show does Dr.Dre and Ed Lover host?
  6. Richard Gere played a political analyst and trickster in what 1988 drama?
  7. The Bolshoi Ballet Compony is based in what city?
  8. Where is the Louvre Museum?
  9. What is a Natatorium?
  10. Where is Ft.Knox?
  11. Which of these is a Japanese island?
  12. "The Buck Stop Here" was a sign on what President's desk?
  13. What is the 40th wedding anniversary?
  14. What does a structure turn into after it is petrified?
  15. How old was George Washington when he became president?
  16. How many degrees are there in a circle?
  17. Who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?
  18. On the geological time scale,when did the first humans appear?
  19. Which city is the actual location of the street names in 'Monopoly'
  20. Who wrote,directed and acted in "Citizen Kane"?
  21. What was the name of Elvis Presley's mother?
  22. Which baseball player holds the record for most career at bats?
  23. Greendland is a part of which of these European nations?
  24. There are two types of carbohydrates what are they?
  25. What former baseball great was nicknamed "The Big Cat"?
  26. What was Angie Dickson killed with in "Dressed To Kill"?
  27. What is "All the Presidents Men" about?
  28. Huey,Dewey and Louie are the nephews of what famouse character?
  29. Who directed the film "Avalon"?
  30. What was the name of Smokey Robinson's backup group?
  31. In what town was the series"Green Acres" set?
  32. When does a fetus develop eyelids and eyelashes?
  33. Who is the lead singer for the rock group "The Stranglers"?
  34. In the Star Was movie series, what is Darth Vader's relationship to luke?
  35. What heavy metal group features Rob Halford on lead vocals?
  36. Which famous character did Raymond Chandler create?
  37. Whic crime fighter is Oliver Queen?
  38. Carrots are a member of which family?
  39. Which of the following is not a part of the ear?
  40. Where is Gena?
  41. Who played "Major Taro Oshiro" on the series "Hawaiin Heat"?
  42. Last Question: What is the most common surname in Russia?

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Quiz topic: How high is my general IQ (Q2)