How high is your general IQ(Q3)

Very few people have high general IQ's . They only know of certain things and not of the rest. This quiz is about all things in general-hence- the quizzes name.

Take this quiz and see how smart you actually are. Are you brave and skillful enough to take this quiz. Find out and see where you stand with your general IQ.

Created by: TayuyaTerra
  1. What island was discovered by Jakob Roggenveen on Easter Day 1722?
  2. What was John Travolta's name in "Saturday Night Fever"?
  3. What blue characters were created by artist Payo?
  4. Who is the actress which plays the mother in the "New Lassie" series?
  5. The Everglades , a marshy and subtropical area, is found in which of these states?
  6. Who wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"?
  7. What prehistoric period was between the Copper Age and the Iron Age?
  8. On the series "Kojak", who played detective Stavres?
  9. What did the South call the battle of Bull Run?
  10. The Rebecca riots were a series of riots that took place where?
  11. On the series "My favorite Husband" who played George Cooper?
  12. What is the process by which liquid is turned to gas?
  13. Who was the author of "Murder Road"?
  14. What are the products of neutralization?
  15. Colluvium is material that is loosed and moved. Where is it found?
  16. What do "Triskaidekaphobes" fear?
  17. What mountain range is the Matterhorn part of?
  18. How many "Planet of the Apes" movies where there?
  19. Where is the Redwood Forest?
  20. Who was the president of the confederate states of America?
  21. What is the name of Superman's super cat?
  22. What 1957 film starred Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy?
  23. Where is Nassau?
  24. What year did a Boeing 747 first fly?
  25. Last Question:Rembrandt ,is a painter and grahpic artist, what is his nationality?

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Quiz topic: How high is my general IQ(Q3)