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...A quiz where the addicts are separated from the noobs and the Einsteins from the Bushes... Please only take the test once as taking it twice renders the point of it pretty pointless... Never mind the first two questions, they were put there by the site.

(Any mistakes or inaccuracies can be reported to me in my guestbook, as well as more questions for a potential round two with up to 40 questions! Preferably no "local" questions though such as 'who is the current WPL champion', to make sure everyone has a fair chance to test their addiction.)

Created by: Rudde of Managerzone
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  1. Which of the following teams has not been a former Swedish top team?
  2. How many different A's are there currently in MZ?
  3. A number of years ago MZ was working on a third sport. What was it?
  4. If you've sold one of your ex-youths worth 320 000 for 570 000, how much tax will you be paying for him? The player's age is 19 and he has already had his birthday that season.
  5. What follows 512?
  6. Which of these persons is currently NOT a Crew member?
  7. What is the highest age a normal player can achieve in MZ without retiring?
  8. Which of these countries has the largest member base in MZ?
  9. Which of the following sentences is true?
  10. What's the name of MZ's nr. 1 user?

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