Are You Secretly a Zoroark?

The majestic Zoroark... A Pokemon of mystery and amazingness, capable of bringing legendary Pokemon to their knees with mind bending illusions. Few humans realise that the Zoroark could take over the world if they wanted to. I'll let you think about that...

But more to the point, you could be a Zoroark and not even realise it! Perhaps you were separated from your pack and had to fend for yourself as a human. Maybe you have forgotten your true nature. Or you could just be a regular old human. Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Disharmony
  1. Welcome traveller of the internet!
  2. So, how did you get here?
  3. So then, just how often do you brush your hair?
  4. What are you like as a person?
  5. Family is...
  6. Friends are...
  7. Would you consider adoption?
  8. The wilderness...
  9. Do you ever feel like you don't belong?
  10. If you lived in the Pokemon universe, what would you be like?
  11. If you were a trainer, what would you be like?
  12. Imagining you were a Zoroark, how would you use your powers?
  13. Again, imagining you were a Zoroark, what is your opinion of humans?
  14. Children are...
  15. Your diet...
  16. Love is...
  17. Animals are...
  18. Okay, have you ever growled? This is legitimately a serious question.
  19. If you answered yes, why did you growl?
  20. Finally, do you want to be a Zoroark?

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Quiz topic: Am I Secretly a Zoroark?