Pokemon: Do You Know Your Stuff?

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Hey Pokémon fans! This is a quiz fit for fans everywhere. Pokémon are amazing and we're always discovering something new about them. Whether a Trainer, Coordinator, Professor, or someone else, they will always bring you wonders!

So do you know your stuff? Fang72 here, with a love for Pokémon no one can beat! But you can always try. Start by taking my quiz! Find out how much you know in just a few short minutes!

Created by: Fang72
  1. Who was the first girl Ash traveled with?
  2. Which Pokemon is from the Johto starter set?
  3. Who is the 5th gym leader of Hoenn?
  4. How many Pokemon are there in all? (5th gen. Included)
  5. Which pair of Pokemon are rivals?
  6. True or False: Aggron's dex number is 306.
  7. When were Pokemon Red & Pokemon Green released in Japan?
  8. What Pokemon did Ash first CATCH (not receive as a gift)
  9. True or False: Brock has a Marshtomp in the anime.
  10. What are Misty's sister's names?
  11. True or False: Happiny evolves with happiness.
  12. True or False: Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava at Lv. 16.
  13. True or False: Darkrai is Dark Ghost type.
  14. True or False: Ampharos's dex number is 181.
  15. What region is Skarmory from?
  16. How does Lapras learn Ice Beam?
  17. Which is the correct order of games, from earlier to later?
  18. Last question. True or False: Sneasel and Weavile are Ice Dark types.

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Quiz topic: Pokemon: do I Know my Stuff?