Which Fire Type Pokemon Are You?

Pokemon is a Japanese cartoon where humans raise monsters called Pokemon by winning battles and leveling up and taking care of them. There are different types of Pokemon such as electric, water, normal, fire, psychic, dragon and more.

In this quiz, you will see what FIRE type Pokemon you are. It is really short because it only has twelve questions, so don't worry long quiz haters. It is just a short quiz that came to my mind when I saw some fire Pokemon cards. XD.

Created by: kyla
  1. How would you describe yourself(seriously)?
  2. What is your favorite animal?
  3. Pick a quote or catch phrase...
  4. Which word appeals to you most?
  5. Which Pokemon do you hope to get?
  6. What is your comment in battle?
  7. Out of these, what is your symbol?
  8. Finish the sentence. Nobody...
  9. Almost done.
  10. Last question. Are you stubborn?

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Quiz topic: Which Fire Type Pokemon am I?