Are you a Emblem3 fan?

Have you ever wondered if you are obsessed with Emblem3? I did! And I am!! E3 addicts are rare, and are usually former 1D addicts! You can find that answer here!

Do you think YOU are an E3 addict? You can find out here!!! Addicts are special people in love with certain people!! Have you ever been one? Maybe you still are one!!

Created by: Hallie

  1. What is your current favorite Boy Band?
  2. Who is your old favorite Boy Band?
  3. How many Emblem3 music videos have you seen?
  4. What ranking would you give " Chloe"?
  5. What ranking would you give "3000 Miles"?
  6. Are Wesley and Keaton brothers?
  7. Is " Chloe" at heartwarming or cold hearted video?
  8. Which should be what E3 fans are called? (Ex: JB fans, Belibers.)
  9. How much is E3 better than 1D?
  10. Who do you think looks good with Wesley?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Emblem3 fan?