Warrior choose your adventure (A Choice) she-cat ed.

Should i make a Part 2 also the ed. at the title means edition I am also making a video game on scratch its Called : Remember me a brightheart and swiftpaw video game.

My little sister was snuggling me the whole time I made this lol shes soooooooo cute! Love you guys!! If you have any questions just ask! and like if you loved it.

Created by: Alison

  1. So your mother's name is Dewberry and your father's name is Blackfeather. Are you ready to start?
  2. (You hear purring and kits playing) You open your eyes and see a spark of light then the nursery. "Welcome my little she-cat" Dewberry mews between licks. She's purring so hard you wonder if she's gonna choke anytime soon.
  3. Dewberry holds you in her paws. "wow you act so much like your father, you have spirit." she mews. "I can tell already." you look over at your brothers who are playing mossball on the other side of the nursery. " You....want to play already?" your mother twitches her whiskers in amusment.
  4. You toddle over to your brothers you stare at you for awhile. "hey your our new sis right?" houndkit mews. " so you wanna play with us?' swiftkit yowls. "TO BAD CAUSE YA CAN'T!" houndkit hisses. "Ha ya because your a wimp!" swiftkit giggles. then they both run of to play on the far side of the nusury.
  5. You feel someone pick you up and take you to a nest and of course its Dewberry. "Did you have a fun time playing with houndkit and swiftkit?" she askes. you stay silent. "Y-ya know what lets just get something from the freshkilll." your mother mews trying to make you feel better.
  6. You grab a thrush from the killpile and taste it. "see its great isn't it?" dewberry mews proudly. you nod. " Hello Dewberry!" A voice yowls from the left. " Why hello creampaw, Lightningpaw, and cloudpaw." your mother yowls back. "Wow is that her?" Lightningpaw mews.
  7. As your mother chats with them you wonder of to the apprentise's den. you see a ashy colored tom inside....he is asleep. you take a step forward and accidently step on a twig it wakes him almost immediately. "What are you doing here!" he hisses
  8. He stares at you blushing ether from embarrassment or he thinks your cute.. ether way he mews " I'm ashpaw." you just stare. "AND YOU ARE!" he hisses
  9. ...."huh...." ashpaw mews. "Oh I'm SOOOOO sorry Ashpaw." dewberry yowls warily. " She didn't mean to disturb you!" Ashpaw signs " its fine." he hisses. your mother quickly grabs you and leaves.
  10. Well what didya think of the Quiz!

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Quiz topic: Warrior choose my adventure (A Choice) she-cat ed.