Which Brink Class are You?

There are many video-games out there, and even more class roles to fill. Some video-games have class roles that are relatable. Realistic even. And some people just want to have a good time and play 'spin the bottle' video-game style. That's where I come in, making this quiz to see how well you fill in a role, and make you feel like you connect to a community. And hopefully get yer sorry a$$ to play Brink.

The Soldier. The Engineer. The Medic. The Operative. These are the 4 classes in Brink: The Game. They are very distinct and have their own specialties that are very segregated from the other classes, yet all 4 are equally important, as with-out one, all will fail.

Created by: Joker1001
  1. When playing video-games, what strategy do you usually adopt? (Or in real life if you've been to the military. In which case I salute you.)
  2. Which of these are you most likely to pick in the event of a group battle?
  3. Your team is losing. The enemy team has the upper hand. There seems to be little to no way you can survive. What do you do?
  4. If you were to actually go in the army, which would you rather be?
  5. If you've ever played TF2, which is your favorite class?
  7. Which subject of discussion interests you most?
  8. Which of these are the most important?
  9. Pick a color. Just do.
  10. Which of these is your dream job?
  11. Which of these words come natural to you? Which urges you to pick them?

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Quiz topic: Which Brink Class am I?