Which Dungeons And Dragons Class Are You?

Which D&D class do you think you are most like? A cunning, sneaky rogue? A powerful, center paladin? A dangerous, untrustworthy warlock? Take this quiz and find out which Dungeons and Dragons class you belong in!

Make sure that you answer honestly otherwise your results will be askew, and don't feel ashamed about the answer! Make sure that you play at least one dungeons and dragons game with every class to get the full game experience!

Created by: Moonspider
  1. How Would Your Friends Describe You?
  2. Choose A Job...
  3. Which Do You Prefer?
  4. What Weapon Would You Want In A Battle?
  5. Which Outfit Most Appeals To You?
  6. What's Your Favorite Spell?
  7. What Is The Most Attractive Word To You?
  8. How Would You Describe Your Bodyweight?
  9. What Sounds Better?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Dungeons And Dragons Class am I?