What D&D Wereanimal Are You

There are many monsters in Dungeons and Dragons, but there very few which come close to lycanthrops. In Dungeons and Dragons e5 there are five main types of wereanimals. It takes certain abilities to be or become one.

The question is are you a powerful lycanthrop? Which one are you? Take this accurate quiz and just in a few minutes discover the truth. What will you be next full moon?

Created by: Animal442

  1. Choose an alignment.
  2. Choose your charisma.
  3. Choose your constitution.
  4. Choose your dexterity.
  5. Choose your intelligence.
  6. Choose your strength.
  7. Choose your wisdom.
  8. Your size.
  9. Choose your perception.
  10. Choose your HP (Hit Points).
  11. Which challenge rating?
  12. What do you want?
  13. Favorite Animal.
  14. Favorite Color

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