good zombie quiz

this quiz determins if you world survive a zombie apocolips not many people would survive could you be the luckey one

are you the one the last hope for man kind will you be the luckey one

Created by: jerbear97
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  1. you are at home alone you pick up a news paper and on the cover it says their is a outbreak of a diesease of people biting other people. stay inside lock your doors. what do you do?
  2. you are in a safe house and you see a truck driving at top speed and people shooting so you know they have wepons what would you do?
  3. you and your group find a gun shop what kind of gun would you use?
  4. you see a super market it looks empty what should you do?
  5. how big would your group be
  6. are you?
  7. were do you live
  8. you are in your fortrace and a horde bursts inside would you...
  9. your group is dead you have one gun a weeks worth of caned food and 20 bullets and your being chased down by a horde is there still hope?
  10. are you prepaird for your results

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