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  • World Of Warcarft!!
    "oh okay. welll i'm not gonna go hack blizz.. so anyways who else plays Wow??"
  • Does he like me?
    "omg I read your thing and he totally likes you but is just really shy. If I were you I would just become really good friends with him sense ..."
  • "the little robot is Gir(gr) and he is Zim! lol"
  • A little advice, please.
    "alrighty I'll go check it out =) anyone else have any advice?"
  • World Of Warcarft!!
    "yeah they rock... and you'd hacked blizz? pretty sure they'd band you. "
  • "yeah the green one who is an aelien. lol "
  • A little advice, please.
    "Awe thank you, and yeah what do you need help with? Do you have your own forum or no?? I'll give all the advice or suggestions I can."
  • "Ehh fyi, josh now liks me when I dont really like him anymore. boo =P"
  • "my picture is Zim from Invander Zim!! I LOVE HIM! lol"
  • World Of Warcarft!!
    "Teejay... the max lvl you can get to is lvl 80.... and Hikaru whatever you said about World of Warcraft I Hope it was good."
  • A little advice, please.
    "That P---ts is suppose to be parents."
  • A little advice, please.
    "okay, so today I asked Chris if he would ever date a girl like me? and hes like what do you mean a girl like you? and I'm like a person like..."
  • World Of Warcarft!!
    "Hehehe I'm about to go play it =) I "
  • A little advice, please.
    "well... I just asked him if he liked anyone and he's like right now I'm blank, so I dont like anyone or anything.... and I'm like =( damn it..."
  • A little advice, please.
    "*just being his friend*"

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