Would i date you?(for girls only)

I've been single and very lonely for a while and because I'm a bit hopelessly romantic, this has caused a bit of stress. I'm always mocked for...everything, but I want to see if there are any people out there who'd like me.

Girls, if you're lonely and swinging single, and also around my age which I'm keeping secret, what are the chances of me dating you. Will they be high, or low? Find out now!

Created by: teejay hira
  1. What is your fav colour?
  2. How do u dress?
  3. R u funny?
  4. R u nice?
  5. How smart r u?
  6. How truthful r u?
  7. Where would u want me 2 take u 4 a date
  8. Whats ur fav drink?
  9. Whats ur fav fruit?
  10. Whats ur fav food?
  11. Do u think i am a boy or a girl
  12. Did u like my quiz?
  13. Will u comment?

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