Would I date you? (boys only)

this quiz is accually somewhat accurate girls dont like being treated as object we are people too. alot of girls like men who are sensitive and are able to let out of their "tough" shell around their lovers.

are you a good boyfriend, or even husband? if you think you are, then think again unless this quiz says you are. please be as truthful as u can becuase if you lie, you are only lieing to yourself (sorry about my bad spelling)

Created by: sandy

  1. Im sleeping in and i need to get up for work, how do you wake me up?
  2. What reason would you take me to a movie?
  3. how would you propose to me?
  4. you see me working my butt off around the house, what do you do?
  5. when i get home from work what do you do?
  6. do i always cook dinner? or do you cook sometimes?
  7. i just got fired from my job, what do you do?
  8. if you wanted to break up with me, how would you do it
  9. ok last question, where would we go on our first date and what would you do?
  10. ok that was the last serious question, now this is the last quiz question.this quiz is based off of real life experiences and this is how most girls would think and is accually accurate, how accuarate do you think this is?

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