What Kind of girl are you?

This quiz can be taken by both girls and boys, so boys don't be put off by "What Kind of girl are you?" as the title! Boys may just be limited to three answers rather than the usual four for this quiz because there's one answer i know you won't result in!

What kind of girl are you? Are you sporty enough? Or have enough fashion sense? Or Laziness? Or Love For horses? Until now you could only have wondered, But thanks to me and my quiz you will know as soon as you've taken the quiz!

Created by: abc123cde

  1. If you could do anything this summer what would you do?
  2. You're most comfortable pair of shoes you own..
  3. You are in a shop getting trainers what is the thing you spot first..
  4. You are buying a new pair of shoes what would you like them to be...
  5. You're passion...
  6. You're buying trainers what do you think...
  7. What would you rather buy from the shop..
  8. Hair style...
  9. What is you're best skill?
  10. What kind of girl do you THINK you are? (does affect)

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Quiz topic: What Kind of girl am I?