Story Of A Girl At Hogwarts - Part 1

You're a Ravenclaw third year. You're the centre of attention to most boys. They think you're right for them,but which one is right for you? Six boys,one girl. Who will you choose?

Start your journey here. Sure,you'll have your ups and downs,your highs and lows. Only one boy will be right for you. At the end of each year you should be dating one of the boys and if not,there's always muggles. Harry,Ron,Seamus,Draco,Gregory and Blaise are head over heels inlove with you. But who are you in love with?

Created by: TheWeasley

  1. You put your hair up into a ponytail as you walked with your parents in Kings Cross Station. You were about to start your third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You were a Ravenclaw student and had many friends. Your parents worked at the Ministry of Magic,they both had very important jobs in the wizarding world. You made your way onto Platform 9 and 3/4 and saw a familiar face.
  2. Ron Weasley was standing alone,as though waiting for someone. "Alright,Ron?"you asked. "Oh,Victoria!!!" Ron jumped up. He gave you hug,a big hug,and when he finally let go you were both red in the face. "Erm,sorry about that..." Ron muttered. "It's fine,"you replied,"so who were you waiting for?" "Harr- oh here he is now! Over here Harry!" Ron called out. You turned around and noticed a boy with messy black hair and glasses coming your way.
  3. This boy was Harry Potter. A Gryffindor student and a great friend of yours. He was quite a celebrity at Hogwarts,because of his defeat against the Dark Lord,Voldemort,when he was only one-year-old. "Hey guys. Good summer?" he asked approaching Ron and you. "Great summer! Egypt is bloody brilliant!" Ron said excitedly. Ron's family were quite poor,and a trip to Egypt was a major achivement for the Weasleys. Harry smiled at Ron and then turned to you. "How about you,Vic?" he asked politely. Where to begin?...
  4. But before you could answer,a cold drawling voice came from behind you. "Victoria Troggan,isn't it?" Luicius Malfoy was the owner of this voice. You gulped and nodded. Mr Malfoy also worked for the Ministry of Magic and he didn't like you or your parents one bit. "Hasn't your father been sacked yet?" He asked. "Leave her alone,alright?!" Ron shouted. "Or what? Your father should be getting the sack sometime soon aswell.". Mr Malfoy didn't respond,it was his son,Draco this time.
  5. "Shut your mouth,Malfoy" Harry said,defending his best friend. "Make me" Draco smirked back. "Draco,isn't that your friend over there? Blaise?" Mr Malfoy interrupted. "Oh,yeah. Better get away from this lot." Draco replied,walking over to meet Blaise,a tall black boy who belonged to Slytherin house. Mr Malfoy sneered before he left,sweeping his long white blond hair off his shoulders. "When I get Malfoy on his own.. I swear I'll kill him!" Ron burst. "Calm down,Ronald!" Hermione Granger ran up to the three of you. "Hermione!" Harry hugged her. "The Malfoy's have been talking about the Troggan's and the Weasley's. Once again". Hermione looked outraged"they didn't say anything about my family,did they?" She asked. "No,because you weren't here! But if he had! Ugh,Malfoys make my blood boil."Ron grunted.
  6. As you all clambered onto the Hogwarts Express you were nudged in to someone. "What do you think you're do- Victoria!" Seamus Finnigan,you're Irish friend,said sorry as soon as he realised you. You were squashed up against him in a small corner of the red steam train. "Well,this isn't the best of positions!" You laughed. Seamus laughed with you,he had an adorable laugh. As more people boarded the train,the more squashed you and Seamus were. Soon,someone shoved you into the nearest compartment with him. You both lied on the floor and giggled. But you soon realised you weren't alone. A young man with a pale face was sleeping on the chair. Harry,Ron and Hermione opened the door and you and Seamus jumped up. "Mind if we join you?" Hermione asked. "'Course not" said Seamus,sounding disappointed.
  7. You sat between Harry and the pale faced man. "He's a bit old to be at Hogwarts,don't you think?" Seamus joked. Hermione,however,sighed. "He's a professor. Professor R.J Lupin." She said,indignantly. This time Ron sighed. "How does she know everythi-" "It's on his suitcase,Ronald! 13 years old and you can't even read!" She muttered. "I'll have you know I can read!" He snapped back. Harry whispered something in your ear. You couldn't hear it properly because Ron and Hermione were bickering,but it sounded as if he wanted to tell you something important. Suddenly,the train came to a halt.
  8. "Why is it suddenly so cold in here?" You and Harry muttered in unison."What's that?!" Ron whispered. Everyone turned their heads in the direction of the compartment door. A tall,stalky black shadow was floating outside a compartment containing Padma and Parvati Pavil,Lavender Brown and Cho Chang. It turned around and floated up to the compartment you were in. Slowly,it slid open and an unexplainable coldness filled the silent crowd. What happened next was horrible. Disasterous,brutal. Simply vile.
  9. Icy chills ran down you spine. This thing,this creature,was tormenting you. You heard a someone screaming your name you reached out to grab whoever it was but it was too late. You slid to the floor,feeling lifeless. But you could hear your heart beating. What was this creature? And what was its purpose? Did this happen to everyone who got close to it? Or just you? You heard a yelling sound,an unfamiliar voice. "Get out of here! You filthy Dementor! None of us are hiding Sirius Black under our cloaks! Look at what you've done to these children! Go on,get out!" You looked up,it was Professor Lupin. He was still chalky white and looking seriously ill. You got to your feet slowly. "Victoria!" Hermione,Ron and Seamus ran over to hug you,but Lupin told them off. "Eat this. It will help." He said,handing you a square of chocolate. "Eat. The others have. And once the young boy,who I believe is Harry Potter,awakens give him this. Now if you excuse me,I'm going to have a word with the driver" and with that,Lupin was off. You nibbled on the chocolate. "What happened?" You finally plucked up the courage to ask.
  10. *This has no effect on your result* Done! :) Sorry if it's quite a failure,it's only the first one. I wanted to make this quiz/story unique. In most quizzes the choices are "Harry,Ron,Oliver,Neville,Draco and sometimes the twins" but I'm not a big Neville or Oliver fan so I added Seamus :) And to make things even I did three Gryffindor,three Slytherin. I thought about Crabbe but realised that he wasn't in all the films (as the actor who played Crabbe got arrested for growing marijauna) so I added Blaise instead :). Hope you are happy with it and please leave honest feedback in comments! I won't get angry or upset, maybe you could tell me where I could improve? Thank you for taking the time to check this out! -TheWeasley x

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