The Crush Quiz (Girls Only)

Hey girls! Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a crush? But he might not fit for you when you marry him. Might be too bossy, too weak, too gross or anything. This quiz shows you which kind of boy you will marry, or maybe you are marrying nobody. This quiz also shows you what might happen in the future and who might you fall in love when you are big like you in the quiz.

Also, this quiz explains when is the right age to date, when is the right time to date, and where shall you date. Love love love, it's all about love, this one single word. Hope you'll marry a great boy! Have Fun!

Created by: Angela.Z
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  1. One day, you are walking home from a park, then you saw a boy named Jerry. He thought you are attractive. What did you thought about him?
  2. Then, he said: "My name's Jerry. What's your name?" you said: "My name is Christine." then what did you say?
  3. Jerry got attracted. He came forwards and kissed you on the lips. As soon as you did that, Kori came along and sat down on a chair beside both of you. Then you reconised it was Kori. What did you do?
  4. Then, along came a handsome boy named Oliver. You suddenly reconised him. What did you do then?
  5. Jerry is angry. He stepped forwards and shouts: "She is my girlfriend!" it frightened Oliver and Kori away. Then, in the pale moonlight, you and him kissed and kissed till you both feel like to go home. What did you do?
  6. You ran home and flicked out all the beautiful dresses in your wardrobe. You got a...and wore it.
  7. You met Jerry at the ball. He's in his best uniform that's way handsome than your imagination. He went forwards and hugged you tightly. What did you do?
  8. You and Jerry met Oliver with his girlfriend and Kori with his girlfriend. Oliver and Kori both waved to you and Jerry. What did you do?
  9. When you went home, you slept straight away. Who did you dream of?
  10. Slowly, you grown up in real love with a boy you met in your younger times. You thought hard who it was. Who was it?

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