Is He Into You?

EVERY girl has a crush on some guy. And they are always wondering, "Is He Into Me?" They never find out, because they get to shy to tell them, or the guy is to shy to tell you. So if you're one of those girls, take this quiz. I guarantee you will get the real answer.

"Is He Into You?" or not? Have a crush you want to know likes you, take this quiz and find out. No more thinking, "Does he like me?" and no figuring out. Your worries are over, take this quiz, and you'll get your answer.

Created by: Kcee
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  1. Okay, first I need to know if he talks to you. That's going to be a big hint if he does or does not like you. So... Does he talk to you?
  2. Okay, this deals with the second question too. Does he talk to you outside of school at all?
  3. When he talks to you or looks at you, does he smile a lot?
  4. Does he flirt or compliment you?
  5. Did you or him ever ask each other to hang out?
  6. Does he tell you his secrets that only his guy friends know?
  7. When he notices you online, does he IM you first or do you IM him first?
  8. If he sees someone pick on you, does he stand up for you or does he help make fun of you?
  9. Okay, your in class and you guys get to choose your partner. Does he choose you or his guy friend?
  10. When you guys go some place, does he offer to pay for you?

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