does he like you

girls all around the worls have a secret crush that she dosent know like her or not. its a sorry sight and thing withc why i created this test for you anxiuos girls out there

does he like you. you can only know in this GUARENTEED test and if your not happy eiht the results come back with your receit w=and will give you back evrey penny that you spent on this quiz.m just kidding its frre and i guarentee nothing but seriously take the quiz its funny and accurate

Created by: mya403

  1. does he stare at you from places
  2. has he evre touched you like on your shoulders hands or back
  3. does he ever do jackass stunts infront of you and check to see if your looking
  4. does he evre bump into you perpously but trys to play it off as an accident
  5. does he ever try to start a conversation with you
  6. are yo boyfriends and girlfriend wiht him
  7. do you dot stuff together
  8. does he ever laugh at yourt jokes even if they arent that funny
  9. does he flirt with other girls and see evrey ounce in a while if your looking
  11. he knows your
  12. does he sweat around you
  13. does he like to talk to you

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