do you really like him???

There are so many girls who have a crush, but do they really like him? A crush is like a love at first sight... A true love is liking him just the way he is... So, show if you really like him or not!

Do you really like him? Find out in a few minutes! If you really like him, you should be able to qualify in this quiz, though... Good luck... Hope you'll suceed...( Sorry for the grammar mistakes I might make... )

Created by: kyasurinchan

  1. Do you ever stare at him?
  2. When you stare at him and you get caught, what will you do?
  3. Do you like him based from his personality or the looks?
  4. do you blushed when you accidently bumped him or touch his hand?
  5. Do you get nervous when he's near you?
  6. Describe one word for him
  7. Do you have his phone/bbm contact?
  8. Almost forgot,is he the same age as you?
  9. do you ever talked to him?
  10. Do you get jealous when he talks to other girl?
  11. Do you search for a reason to be near him?
  12. Is he nice to you?
  13. Do you intentionally bumped him?
  14. Are you one of his friends?
  15. do you have the same interests?
  16. Have you ever mirroring him intentionally or unintentionally?
  17. Do you ever hang out with him?
  18. Have you ever stalked him?
  19. When he sees you, and you notice, did your heart beating fast?
  20. What do you usually talk about with him?
  21. Do you ever met him outside the school?
  22. Are you at the same class with him?
  23. Do you ever touch him?
  24. Do you like to show off in front of him?
  25. Have you ever laughed when he makes even a joke that's obviously not funny?
  26. Have you ever praised him and what did you say to him?
  27. Do you know his birthday?
  28. One last thing, do you really really like him?
  29. Will you rate and comment? (Doesn't effect your score)

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Quiz topic: Do I really like him???