Does a boy like u quiz? Girls Only

Some people neeeeeed to know if there crush like them. Its driving them crazy they cant ask or else they are embarrassed so they take this quiz! Yay for them!

Are you wondering if your crush likes you ? Take this quiz to find out! Please tell your friends to take the quiz also. If they do and you do yay for you and them!

Created by: Kendall

  1. Does he tease you?
  2. Does he stare at u?
  3. Does he has a girlfriend?
  4. Does he tell u secrets?
  5. Do u think he likes u?
  6. How much do u like him on a scale 1-5?
  7. How did u meet?
  8. Has he tuched u on the back,leg , etc.
  9. Do u like hanging out with him?
  10. Did this quiz help

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