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  • "Stop this!"
  • Aviemore palace
    "You can start out as a guard a centurion or a noble"
  • The eggy alts
  • Hey spice
    "Victor didn't realize it could be a bad idea before falling asleep"
  • The String
    ""you don't, trust me." Said nori wheeling up before the door burst open."
  • ""only once, but they died a long time ago." Hina said sorrowfully"
  • Rping with my alts
    "Rin! Rin: what. Bad *waves finger at him*"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Yep, I hope they like my worlds"
  • Hey spice
    ""drink more chocolate." Victor said like it was the obvious solution"
  • Rping with my alts
    "I wish they would"
  • ""hey Prism, say hello screech and Griffin." Nori said pushing his new sons forward. Griffin ran up to wester Easter and niz. "Hello!" He sh..."
  • Hey spice
    "Victor slept peacefully with reminders of his southern life on his dreams"
  • My R
    "Norman kicked hawkra for that only managing to catch their foot"
  • Rping with my alts
    "Fine, Rin I want to be with you forever *Looks at flashcards* Did I say it okay"
  • Rping with my alts
    "So umm. *Looks at flashcards* C'mon Rin do I really have to say this"

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