How much do you know about fire emblem radiant Dawn

This is a quiz to test your knowledge on fire emblem radiant Dawn, it's a lovely game with amazing characters, if you haven't played it yet you should

It's my personal favorite game, and these questions tackle some basic stuff about characters and stuff, if you get it wrong you haven't played this game

Created by: Elincia

  1. So who's the queen of begnion
  2. Which group saved Lucia
  3. Who is the black knight
  4. Who defeats the black knight in the end
  5. What kind of laguz is kurthnaga
  6. Who is the only human in the laguz emancipation army
  7. Which group finds the wolf tribe on their journey
  8. Who is Ike's sister
  9. Which heron travelled with the wolf laguz
  10. Who is the final boss

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about fire emblem radiant Dawn