How well do you know Nyx from Fire Emblem Fates?

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How well do you know this obscure magical girl from the popular Fire Emblem Fates? Well go ahead take this quiz if you're itching to find out! This is for all of you die-hard Nyx fans willing to test your mettle. If you're not confident then take a few minutes to learn what you can and then come back here and give it a shot!

I will tell you this now- this quiz is not easy. It will be unforgiving and it's not my fault if you didn't know that about her. Now you do lolz. In the end just try to enjoy your results and maybe you'll learn a thing or two!

Created by: Byleth Eisner
  1. When is Nyx's birthday?
  2. Where is Nyx when you start ch 15 of Revelations?
  3. What chapter do you recruit Nyx in Conquest?
  4. What is her nationality?
  5. What is her best stat?
  6. What is her worst passive stat at a measly 3?
  7. Who set the curse on Nyx that trapped her in this youthful state?
  8. What is Nyx's personal skill called?
  9. What is her base class?
  10. Who here is not one of Nyx's female supports?
  11. What are the use of the marks on her face?
  12. Who is Nyx's voice actor?
  13. Which is one of her critical quotes?
  14. In Nyx and Nile's B support, what does she do to him when he doesn't heed her warning?
  15. If Nyx uses a master seal and you have turned her into no other class, then what is her master class?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nyx from Fire Emblem Fates?