Crossed Fates: Story Quiz

Welcome to the Crossed Fates: Story Quiz by GentleParanoia on Go To Quiz. Crossed Fates is a fantasy series by GentleParanoia, which has yet to be released to the public.

Crossed Fates will be released to the public in the Summer of 2021. Please contact GentleParanoia (Siren) if you are interested in premium access to the Crossed Fates series.

Created by: GentleParanoia
  1. Where does the story begin?
  2. Where does Jack meet Lucinda?
  3. Which species is Lucinda?
  4. What color is the forbidden chain?
  5. When Persephone is introduced to Jack, what does she first notice about him?
  6. Which color are Persephone's eyes?
  7. Lucinda notices a connection between Persephone and Jack. What is this connection?
  8. Which traumatic event haunts Lucinda?
  9. Jack is keeping a secret from Lucinda and Persephone. What is this secret?
  10. Which word is forbidden?

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