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Do you enjoy reading the Wings of Fire? Well, here is your chance to test your knowledge of what you know! Make sure you have read all 13 Wings of Fire books before you start.

Enjoy answering 20 questions about the Wings of Fire book series. There is one question for every book and then some!!! RED ALERT: Fun ahead!!! :) :) :)

Created by: Tsunami
  1. Wings of Fire book 2 is written about which Seawing?
  2. Which dragon is book 8 written about?
  3. How many tribes are there in books 1 through 13?
  4. What tribe is Willow from? (Book 13)
  5. What special power does Peril have?
  6. What is one ability that the Seawings don't have?
  7. Which Sandwing queen candidate died first in book 5?
  8. Who was the first dragon Moonwatcher met at Jade Mountain Academy in book 6?
  9. What is Blue's father's name in book 11?
  10. In book 4, what do you find out about the prophecy?
  11. Who is the peacemaker out of the five dragonets of destiny?
  12. Which dragon is Queen Glory in love with in book 3?
  13. Which Hivewings cannot be mind-controlled by Queen Wasp in book 12?
  14. What are the names of Winter's parents in book 7?
  15. In book 9, what is Turtle's biggest fear and nightmare?
  16. How many prophecies are there in all of the Wings of Fire series?
  17. Which dragon is book 10's major bad-guy?
  18. What is Clay's favourite food in book 1?
  19. What is the name of the new Wings of Fire book 14?
  20. The End.

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