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  • Star Wars Adventure Part 2
    [published: Aug 26, 2013]

    Ok this is a star wars quiz and I have out all the characters in it so even if they are dead because……

  • Star Wars Adventure Part 1
    [published: Aug 25, 2013, 5 comments]

    There are people willing to be a Jedi will you be able to survive the adventure of being a Jedi or……

  • What type of friend are you
    [published: Aug 24, 2013]

    I'm bored so I'm going to say I love star wars not really but yea its quite good so……

  • Star Wars: Sith Or Jedi?
    [published: Aug 24, 2013]

    Being a Sith lord well its not a bad thing but its not a good thing so yea. Please don't be like this……

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