Star Wars Adventure Part 1

There are people willing to be a Jedi will you be able to survive the adventure of being a Jedi or will you be negative and be a Sith lord or warrior.

So will you have what to become a Jedi Master or will you become a Sith ok that is really so I'm just so bored right now I could do with help and tips in the comments.

Created by: Death4 of Star Wars
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  1. Your a young padawan and some Jedi knights ask you to become a Jedi.
  2. You go and train what is the first thing you do
  3. During training your master gets a message that a Sith lord named Darth Bane is out there. They think that your the chosen one so they hunt for you do you fight and go with you master?
  4. After a few minutes you find him and defeat the droids and you go after him you encounter him but his apprentice comes out and its Darth Regan who do you fight?
  5. You choose to Fight Darth Revan you slay him and your master gets killed by Darth Bane and he chops you lightsaber hand off what do you do?
  6. You go back to the council and you say the Sith leader is dead and you get granted Jedi knight
  7. Your new master is Luke Skywalker how do you feel
  8. Your master Luke is asked to spy on the Sith a few days later you the council find out that he is captured so they send other Jedi to find him but you want to go to
  9. You go go your master but you get captured too
  10. Your help to a pillar with chains what do you do?
  11. I will make a Sith way adventure but be alive for part 2 and the Sith edition.

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