The Mortis Trilogy Trivia

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Not everyone knows that there is a CGI animated series called Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but if you do you understand at leats a little bit of what i'm talking about. If you havn't heard about this series the don't take this quiz.

Now this quiz is specifically about the Mortis Trilogy. It teaches us more about the religious part of star wars. There are three god-like eings out there that basicly are the force. Lets see if you know anything about them.

Created by: Hope
  1. Lets start with an easy question. Who are the three carachters living on Mortis?
  2. How many shows are in the Mortis arc?
  3. Thw Son was the embodyment of what?
  4. The Daughter is the embodyment of what?
  5. The Father is the embodyment of what?
  6. Who does the Son tempt to join the dark side?
  7. Who dies first?
  8. Who was turned evil by a bite?
  9. Why do Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan go to Mortis in the first place?
  10. What happens to Mortis at the end?
  11. What does the Daughter turn into?
  12. What does the Son turn into?
  13. What does the Father turn into?
  14. What does the son say to his sister when he takes the dagger of mortis from her?

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