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  • I'm sorry if I copied you. I didn't mean to, but it's possible it was. I mean, I made it after I took your quiz. Anyway. I deleted it and a bunch of other quizzes I made because I'm sick of these arguments and stuff. Bye.

    DarthVader Aug 26 '13, 12:22PM
  • I also don't even care if there's characters that are dead or not. That doesn't bother me. I gave your quiz a high rating because I loved it.

    DarthVader Aug 26 '13, 10:51AM
  • I'm really sorry that I called my quiz "Star Wars adventure" at the end. I DID NOT MEAN TO COPY YOU. But lots of people have made Star Wars adventure quizzes! That doesn't mean they're copies! My results aren't anything like yours. Neither was my story for that matter, mine was more of A New Hope altered.

    DarthVader Aug 26 '13, 10:50AM
  • Dude Number 1. Darth Bane was in the original star wars for years he was just in hiding number 2. If you add me he can both make star wars adventure like you make part 4 because I made part 1 and you did 2 so yeah.

    Death4 Aug 26 '13, 3:06AM
  • Haha! I really liked it. What's funny is when it started I was actually imagining myself being in the era when Darth Bane was around. And then the next question was about him! haha. But Luke Skywalker was alive like... over 1000 years after Darth Bane so that was kinda funny. But it could have been a different Darth Bane. I mean, that's a cool name. I wish Luke Skywalker was my Jedi Master, he's awesome! XD

    DarthVader Aug 25 '13, 10:01PM

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