Jedi Training Academy Part 1

Are you are Star Wars fan, are you dreaming of being a trainee at the Jedi Academy? Well, this is your chance to rise to the top of the Jedi Council... or be the greatest Sith of all time............

Tia Dajan is a young Twi'lek with extraordinary powers, but she's extremely different. She's an orphan who was raised on the streets, she used her smarts and took advantage of her agile physique. But even the best people have a different reason they are amazing, Tia is very strong in the force, stronger then Anakin Skywalker himself.

Created by: pixiebite
  1. [Okay, so this is your chance to become a Jedi. Your name is Tia Dajan, you are four year old Twi'lek and you were just discovered to be very force sensitive. Master Kenobi goes to your home planet, Ryloth, and personally takes you to Coruscant to start your Jedi training]
  2. I followed Master Kenobi into the Jedi Temple, everything was so big! I nearly screamed when I tripped over the hem of the too-big Jedi robes, but then I jumped right back up and smiled widely, pretending as if nothing happened. I tripped three more times before we got up to the council chambers, as I walked in I tripped again.
  3. I steadily stood up, I was getting quite dizzy now, but I still smiled widely. " Youngling Dajan, " Master Yoda said, " Careful you must be " I nodded happily. " Do you know why you are here? " Master Windu asked, I nodded again, " Good " he continued. " Try to levitate this ball " Master Kenobi said as he pulled a small durasteel ball out of his hand, I looked at the ball and it immediately flew out of his hand and started circling around me, I smiled as it shot towards the ceiling and started going in wild circles, then it stopped and floated down into my hand.
  4. Some of the masters gasped, others nodded, some looked a little bit surprised, Mast Yoda and Master Windu were expressionless, as if nothing special happened. Master Kenobi led me out of the room and towards the training rooms, he led me into one with several other Twi'leks. A blue Twi'lek about my age ran over to us, " Hiya, myy name is Javia " she said to me, then she turned to Master Kenobi and continued, " Greetings Master Kenobi " she said as she bowed. I smiled, " I'm Tia " when I said that, all the other Twi'leks gasped, I looked at them quizzically. Master Kenobi left the room and shut the door behind him. Javia leaned in closer to you and whispered, " If you sign the letters of your name in Lek, T-I-A means 'Cursed One' she shuddered.
  5. I probably was very different then the others, as far as I could tell, I had the strongest force presence in the room, one of the strongest in the whole Jedi Temple. I also looked pretty different too, all the others were normal Twi'lek colors; three of them were blue, 5 of them were green, and one was purple. But then there was me, my skin was two colors in a swirling pattern actually, bright scarlet and dark magenta, the two rarest colors.
  6. Javia handed me a blunt vibroblade, " You can be my partner, finally we have an even number of people " she said. Then she explained that they've been sparing with each other using dull vibroblades instead of practice lightsabers.
  7. The other groups start sparing so Javia and I start too. I easily beat her, Javia drops to her knees and starts sobbing, " I always lose, I'm going to make a horrible Jedi!!! " she says.
  8. " Oh Javia, it'll be okay, you'll get better " I told her.
  9. After several hours of sparing, we could finally go to the dorms and get some sleep, I was exhausted!!! I curled up on the soft covers and feel into a deep sleep...
  10. My dream was distorted and fuzzy, but I could see yellow eyes, a red hand gripping a lightsaber, and Sith tattoos adorning MY Lekku. I woke up screaming.
  11. [Okay, it's the end of part one, look out for part two, hey, if you play Howrse, PM 11pixie (me) and I'll PM you as soon as I get the next one up!!!]

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